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Adorned with the byline “Access To Tools,” Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog became a scared text of 1970’s American counterculture. The publication gathered an eclectic pool of resources, recommending the writings of Buckminster Fuller on one page and a new CB radio on the next. Though the catalog’s range was immense, its tenets were of humanist skew; the pages urged readers to get hip to ecology, to arm themselves with knowledge and self-sufficiency, to embrace communal ways of life. As summarized by the MoMA, the catalog aimed to “create a community meeting-place in print,” synthesizing a curation of ideas that its editors believed had the potential to unify people and grow communities.

While each issue of the catalog gained a bit more in the way of production value, the inaugural publication was a concise index, composed largely of books. Ranging from Frank Herbert’s Dune to Jungian psychology texts by Jung himself, the selections were not necessarily related to the untrained (or unguided) eye. The Whole Earth Catalog created a network from independent ideas, opening avenues of dialogue that bridged the included perspectives. This website, Whole Pratt Catalog, imposes this network upon the library of Pratt Institute, a private university of the arts in Brooklyn, New York. By identifying all the Whole Earth-approved texts within Pratt’s stacks, The Whole Earth Catalog lives on through the sum of its parts.

Title Author Call No.
Ideas and Integrities R. Buckminster Fuller 720.973 F967 F967 1969 c.5
The World From Above Hanns Reich 779 R347 W927 1968 c.2
Sensitive Chaos Theodor Schwenk 701.17 S414
A Year From Monday John Cage 818 C131
Notes on The Synthesis of Form Christopher Alexander 745.4 A375N1
On Growth and Form D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson 591.134 T471O
Tantra Art Ajit Mookerjee 704.9489 M817 c.3
Psychological Reflections C.G. Jung 150.1954 J95PS
The Human Use of Human Beings Norbert Wiener 303.483 W647
The Ghost In The Machine Arthur Koestler 828 K18
The Year 2000 Herman Kahn 301.2 K12
The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller Robert W. Marks 720.973 F967 M346 1960 c.5
Nine Chains To The Moon R. Buckminster Fuller 901.9 F967
No More Secondhand God R. Buckminster Fuller 811 F967
Tensile Structures Frei Otto 693.98 O91T vol. 1 *
The Japanese House Heino Engel 728.0952 E58
The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide Alexander H. Smith 589.2 S642
The Way Things Work Tom Lodewijk 603 W357L
The Measure of Man Henry Dreyfuss 745.2 D778M2 c.2 **
Direct Use of The Sun's Energy Farrington Daniels 621.47 D186D c.3
Structure, Form, Movement Heinrich Hertel 591.18 H573
Bookmaking Marshall Lee 686.2 L479B c.3
Zone System Manual Minor White 770.28 W586 c.2
A Sculptor's Manual Geoffrey Clarke 731.4 C598 c.2
Creative Glass Blowing James E. Hammesfahr 748 H224
The Mind of The Dolphin John C. Lilly 599.5 L729
Cybernetics Norbert Wiener 001.53 W647 c.2
Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing R. L. Gregory 152.14 G823E c.2
Education Automation R. Buckminster Fuller 378 F967
The Technique of Television Production Gerald Millerson 791.45023 M652
Catalogue of Reproductions of Paintings Prior to 1860 Unesco 016.75 U57CA9
Island Aldous Huxley HUXLEY ***
Walden 2 B. F. Skinner SKINNER ***
Animal Farm George Orwell ORWELL ***
Communitas Percival Goodman 711.4 G653
Stranger In A Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein HEINLEIN ***
Utopia Sir. T More 321.07 M83C
Community of Scholars Paul Goodman 378.73 G653
To The Finland Station Edmund Wilson 335.09 W747T
Brave New World (w/ "Revisited") Aldous Huxley HUXLEY ***
The Republic Plato 888.4 R42R
Looking Backward Edward Bellamy 095.11 A733
1984 George Orwell ORWELL ***
Anthem Ayn Rand RAND ***
Kibbutz: Venture In Utopia Melford E. Spiro 335.9 S759K
Dune Frank Herbert HERBERT ***
The Merck Manual Merck & Co. 616.075 M555M20
The Book of Survival Anthony Greenbank 613.69 G799B
The Narrow Road To The Deep North Matsuo Bashō 915.21 M434 c.2
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones Paul Reps 294.3927 Z54Z2
The Teachings of Don Juan Carlos Castenada 299.784 C346
The Act of Creation Arthur Koestler 155.2 K78
The I Ching Richard Wilhelm 299.51 I16 c.3

* Library use only
** Closed stacks
*** Fiction section